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unknown day
Thursday, January 7, 2010


i got home early today so i want to post something on this blank journal; since this day is much different from the other ones, i would like to share what happened to my day..

i started my day... with watching a late night show Profiles then PBB uplate [big utol bonded with housemates in drinking session] while eating one of my favorite fruit, singkamas, and doing my assignment in filipino. but i ended up sleeping at 1:30 am..guess what time i woke up?..with a class of 7:30am?..i should get up @ 5am and start to walk @ 6m.lol.
i woke up 6:30am..and WHOA! i'm late, really late! my 1st subject is QualiChem and we have a quiz and activity for this day...my little brother wake me up before he leaves the house and i say "bakit hindi mo ako ginising?!, late na ako" instead of fighting with him, i went to bathroom and started to wash myself and get ready to go school.
i leave our house 5mins before 7am. while walking i found a tricycle in front, and i ride it to take advantage to the time (because if i walk it will takes me 5-7 minutes before the station) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~[fast forward]~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
then... i came school at 8am, so fast...really not an ordinary ride because before it takes me 1 1/2 hour..;] I'm not that late, maybe just a little bit. after a quiz, i conclude that maybe i have the score of 2 out of 15 items, [i do not review! geez] next is find the unknown..its about a group activity we had before but this time we have to do it by our self., our prof gave us a compound? and we have 3 elements to find: LEAD ion; SILVER ion; blank..its 0 or 100.
it takes me almost 1 hour to finish mine because its has no reaction..*BUT* 4 of us got this clear compound that has no reaction in first place so one of us got the BLANK..that makes me become nervous and i don't want to get 0, my prof don't gave clues but i knew since only 1 in the group got the blank i felt i'm the one who have it.. my prof just smiled when i say "ma'am wala talaga reaction, clear paden oh kanina pa to' x["
as i felt..i got the BLANK one which is distilled water (no reaction kxe distilled nga, so clean), i jump when our prof gave me 100..(e sino ba naman kxe ang magaakala na saken mapupunta ang distilled water..uhh?)
[lunch break]
yea...Filipino subject, 3 hours, so its not my fault to get sleepy uh?!?
we sing?..lalalla..its part of activity x]]]
then we have an assignment: Pandesal kay /\/\agdalena; find out what's the hidden meaning..
[dismissal @2:30pm]
at Isetann the black Nazarene is on a procession.. lots of back Nazarene are there ;] the whole way of isetann going to CEU is almost covered
i think i'm lucky enough for this day right?!

and tomorrow...a quiz in trigonometry and English awaits; and 3-hour per subject...whoa!

what's new?! I GOT LATE...x]] but better late than never :D
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