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~oh summer breeze~
Thursday, March 25, 2010


oh summer breeze blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com i'm loving' it!!
Last march 20, 2010... the first day of my vacation, so memorable. at that time i already spend my first beach time for the year..
Destination: Ternate, Cavite
Time of Arrival: 7am
Departure time: 4:30am
*its overnight*

I am really a nature lover even its not obvious I REALLY DO APPRECIATE NATURE! That location is in the end of a mountain and it is the base of the marines so i could see marines do their trainings on the camp. A lot of trees can be seen way on the beach, it was really wonderful.. and i really appreciate the ambiance, as those trees simultaneously dancing with the wind.

just look at the beach... there's no so much people around (because it is a secret resort and only marines knew this place).

the first photo is like the center the beach.. WAVES there almost big when it's high tide..:inlove: loving the waves..

the second one is the snapshot from our room. That shot is almost morning or the sunrise actually, but there's a mountain so I could'nt catch up the sun..:tsk:
the third one is nothing *kidding*. it is only a shot from a distant where there are a lot of trees and cottages..

blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com and oh! i don't feel the heat there, the wind really blows hard anywhere so it is somewhat cold there..

Who would have thought I am a student of ROTC? (Reserve Officers' Training Corps)..yea I am! and really proud of it..just graduated and now i'm one of the reserved privates..*haha*

oh~~ look at the twinkling water as the sun strikes it.. i love that moment when i'm capturing the :woooh:water.. its cool isn't it?.. it's like in the movies but now i captured it *innocent*

hmmm... i'm not with my friends so wrote their names on the sand as a remembrance.. wish they were also there.. i'm sure i will be happier if that would happen.. soo looove them!

what's with that?.. EMO shot..lol, loving that pose.. :>

what's with my name?.. nothing.. just love writing it on the sand, of course not only my friends got their names on the sand but also mine.. but when one of them saw that she said: there's missing, where's your name? or like.. "ba't wala ka? kulang oh" i'm touched..blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com

Do you like my shadow?.. i like taking pictures of shadows, especially of those people. i think my shadows would be better if i shot it before the sunset.. there's another shot with my cousin's but it is also like that so somewhat the same..*hehe*

FOOTPRINTS.. loved to have them, i always wanted to have a picture of my foot prints. It's like an art for me, like what i've seen in some paintings.. like walking away and nowhere to go, i like walking for real and seriously walking in the seaside is like summoning all my emotions there and wandering around what would the future be like..*hooha!*



What can you say?, about our family picture best pose?.. from the two standing at the back, wearing yellow: Rjae and the other: me [oldest]. Down wearing red: my mother, the next to her: my father, and the smallest one: Andrei the youngest. its totally cute.

Woah!! that's the sunset what i'm talking about..blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com again, a mountain blocked the view so that's the only shot i've got.. blogger-emoticon.blogspot.compretty amazaing *as i told you i really appreciate the nature*. from the left: my mother; her sister and my aunt's son so cute and me..

*forget about the rock, just imagine Patrick lived there* wuahahaha!, a picture of me with my cousin Liam and my brother Rjae..

blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com really cool there and enjoyed it so much.. <3>

/cut! btw, about the Sawako/Kazehaya love story..
i think they are really cute Sawako, i saw myself in her..
FOR REAL!, i am easy to be mo--ved or tou--ched by other person.. JUST i knew i am like her!

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