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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

sorry for not updating my blog...it's almost a month and i don't know what should i post..

what? what? what?

[]1st semester of 2nd year
[] last weeks of vacation?
[] Am I productive last vacation?
[] my addictions?
[] random feelings/ thoughts...
[] the coming of Eclipse from Twilight saga
[] oh whateverrr
[] subjects that kills me T_T
[] strengths and weakness
[] schedule of class? XD
[] rainy season
[x] nonoy's inauguration
[] my poor memorization
[] under the clouds?
[] soundtrip!
[] new group
[] flirts! errr
[] soDAMNinlove?!!!
[] what's up?!

hey!`that's my list..
but for now..i'm going to think first what will be those post all about


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