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College Week
Sunday, August 1, 2010

Hello August 1...this post is all about the College of Nutrition and Food Science week. Which I joined the Mr. & Ms. CNFS. I don't even have the time to rest..*poor me*. JULY 27-30 is the college week.

DAY 1 - Practice of walking

it's Friday, July 23 and we only have PE class because of the College of Science week (no physics lab and Analytical chem lab). after the PE class, i went to our building with the others. They are practicing the 2nd year's dance for CNFS showtime while I am practicing walking. I walked like a man and not a woman, straight body. stomach IN, chest OUT. STIFF SHOULDER *what the?!* i am having a really hard time to catch the perfect walk! blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com i have my coaches, they are also my classmates.. at last, i didn't get the walk..

DAY 2 - Shopping plus music video editing

it's Monday, not yet the start of our college week but we requested to the professors to have no class because for the preparation of the week. we hope they understood it..
3pm, after planning what i should wear, we proceeded to divisoria to buy some of them..with some of my trusted friends Roschel, Roanne, Rodel & Alyssa...so love them!!
tennis uniform - for the sports attire parade for the opening of the college week]
semi formal dress - for the pageant
shoes for semi formal dress/ feathery costume
we separate ways at 7:30pm and i got home almost 9:30 pm..
I face my PC after eating dinner to edit our music video for tomorrow and i slept almost 3am. sooo tired!


DAY 3 - Parade
from the left: Ronnil, Me wearing green, Jorgi and Austin from other section

i woke up 4am! imagine that i only slept for almost 1 hour T_T. I arrived in school at 7am and the parade starts at 9am. i didn't expect Maecy and Jeanne (the choreographers for our number in showtime) will help me for my make-up and arrange my hair while the others are busy preparing for the other 3.. blah-blah-blah

i saw the other side of Austin, that time i can't take away my eyes of him blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com even they say that he is GAY, i don't really mind. Ronnil said, kinikilig daw ako kay Austin which i think is true.. *may magagalit dito.patay!*

this chocolate has a label "ADIK SAU!" and I am more Kinikilig in you than in anyone else. i am always in love with you, promise!.

meet: Roanne and Alyssa

Roanne helped me with what should i wear while Alyssa helped me with my walking. Last week, the 2 are always my companion...


DAY 4 - Preparations

i don't have shoes yet, i have to meet Josh in Marikina to buy shoes.. I am size 41!! we are having a really hard in finding my shoe size. going to Marikina i am super nearly lost when i am at cubao.. geeez!
the sizes are just up to 40 and i am beginning to lose hope *echos*, at last i found my size at otto in marikina.. ~ why not checking in SM?, because i don't like the designs and the price are *yah*..>_< at that time, the shop is having some sale items so i bought that shoe in the price of 400 less..not bad? its heels is less than 2 inch i think?..

we have to go back to school for more practice of my walking but i have to go also at 3pm to meet my mother

to be continue ;]blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com

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